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College Theaters

Max Theater - Signature Theater, VA
Ford Theater/Youngstown State U., Pro-proscenium with integrated loud speakers, house curtain, acoustic panels, adjustable acoustic side panels, house lighting, pro-proscenium, house curtain
Ford Theater/Youngstown State University
Colleges and Universities need flexible spaces that can accomodate multile uses. Top: Mulit-use theater with adjustable acoustics, Bottom left: Recital Hall with moveable acoustic panels, Bottom Right: Large stage, pit lift, and a balcony that can be divided from the auditorium for use as a lecture room.
Enlow Hall/Kean State U., Tracked acoustic panels, house lighing fixtures, box seating, stage lighting
Enlow Hall/Kean State University
Mohawk Valley Community College,  acoustic reflectors, pit lift, large stage, stadium seating rake
Mohawk Valley Community College
Baptist Temple Chapel,/Temple U.
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